Colored aluminum plaques from All Star Bronze are an ideal choice for signage for any business or company looking to expand its brand for a small cost.

While more lightweight and malleable than bronze, aluminum can still withstand the elements and retain its look even in harsh weather conditions. This makes aluminum a great choice for businesses that don’t want to drop a lot of money on signage but still want to have a sleek, professional plaque or logo that’s built to last.

Modern Messages

When someone thinks of a newly built business or office building, people’s minds go straight to images of sleek, metallic surfaces both inside and out. This trend has made aluminum the ideal choice for companies that want to embrace this clean and modern aesthetic.

Aluminum serves as the base for any engraved nameplate because of its neutral chrome, allowing it to be colored and customized any way you desire. This is especially useful for companies that want to incorporate their colors and logo into their office sign. Stand out in your field and embrace this new look with a colored aluminum plaque from All Star Bronze!

Custom Designs

Precision etching is made easy when you order from All Star Bronze. Because aluminum has such a flexible surface, almost any name, picture, or logo can be engraved on your colored aluminum plaques.

Our friendly customer service staff can help evaluate your needs and walk you through the details of your order. We have 16 different finishes to choose from, including polished, painted, and oxidized coatings. We build our plaques to last and pride ourselves on the precision and detail of our etchings.

Contact Us

If you want to stand out in your business or commemorate achievements, consult with one of our professionals today at 941-217-6561 or email us at allstarbronze@gmail.com with questions or concerns. We’ll work closely with you to help create the plaque you envision for any situation.

40" Diameter Aluminum Plaque


Contact us by phone or email

CALL 941-217-6561
Email allstarbronze@gmail.com


Star aluminum panel
30" x 30" Full-color giclee print on polished aluminum, raised letters, custom shape

Aluminum, Single Line Border, Black Background


It has a Single Line Border.

Black Background.

Raised Silver letters.

This is our standard plaque.



Aluminum, Single Line Border, Blue Stipple Texture

Aluminum, Color Printed, Color Printed Background


30" x 18" Aluminum, Single Line Border, Blue Pebble Texture

Aluminum, Custom Border, Maroon Stipple Texture


Aluminum, Single Line Border, Custom Color Sand Texture

Aluminum, Photo Relief, Single Line Border, Black Sand Texture


15" x 12" Aluminum, Insert Single Line Border, Black Sand, Flat Relief Graphics

Aluminum, Single Line Border, Black Sand Texture, Post Cap Mount

36" x 24" Aluminum Photo Relief, Color Printing, Single Line Border, Sand Texture


Aluminum, Single Line Border, Red and Blue Stipple Texture

12" x 10" Aluminum, Raised Painted Black Finish, Single Line Border


Aluminum, Double Line Border, Brown Leatherette Texture

Aluminum, Painted Letters, Color Painted Background


Aluminum, Inset Single Line Border, Black Sand Texture

Aluminum, Bevel Border, Sand Texture, Attached Logo


Aluminum, Custom Border, Color Printed Image, Black Sand Texture

Aluminum, Single Line Border, Black Sand Texture


Aluminum, Black Pebble Background

Aluminum Photo Relief, Single Line Border, Black Sand Texture


Aluminum Panel, Color Printed Image

Aluminum, Black Sand Texture


Aluminum, Single Line Border, Photo Relief

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