All of All Star Bronze's wayfinding/ADA plaques are designed and manufactured to meet ADA requirements - and all are made from solid metal in order to provide
superior product that willnot chip or crack. You can choose from base metal or other color selections, including up to 1200 dpi photographic images for the
surfaces of your plaque.

All Star Bronze's patent-pending ADA process does not use loose beads for Braille component or rely on imperfect, non-compliant casting. The results is a breathtaking
example of how effectively designed ADA plaques don't have to be a distraction from a project's overall beauty, but instead can actually enhance it.

Wayfinding/ADA Plaque Features

When you consider a wayfinding/ADA plaques's desired function, regulatory compliance issues and budgetary constraints, desining an attractive plaque may seem like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. All Star Bronze custom capabilities provide a flexible array of design possibillities. Diffrent colors, patterns, sizes and special features can be combined to create signs that are functional and compliant, while coordinating with the surrounding architecture and design.

Custom Shape

A truly custom product should not be placed in a cookie cutter shape All Star Bronze gives you the option to design not only image and color of your wayfinding solutions, but also the overall shape of the individual plaque. Besides custom shapes, All Star Bronze also offers features such as room use sliders and changeable name plates.

All-Metal One-Piece Construction

All Star Bronze wayfindings/ADA plaques feature one-piece, all-metal construction. This means that the copy, Braille and design elements are all part of the body of the plaque. Unlike plastic wayfinding solutions, All Star Bronze's products will never chip, crack or have missing Braille or lettering.



Aluminum; raised painted letters, artwork and Braille; black painted background.


Aluminum, single line border, giclée printed background and raised letters.


Bronze, raised copy with brushed finish, red painted background and Braille.

Aluminum, raised painted letters and Braille, giclée printed background, occupancy slider.


Bronze, Double Line Border

Bronze, Red Painted Background & Braille




Brass, Braille, brushed finish, red sand texture.



Aluminum, Braille, brushed finish, black sand texture.


Aluminum, Braille, brushed finish, black sand texture.


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