ADA Signs Wayfinding Signage

ADA Signs Wayfinding Signage

USA made ADA signs. Either wayfinding or wayfinding signage. Therefore firstly ADA restroom signs. Secondly braille signs. Thirdly ADA bathroom signs. Fourthly unisex restroom signs. Most importantly have a lifetime guarantee. Our wayfinding and wayfinding signage. Or plaques certainly are the highest quality.

Because ADA plaques are designed. And manufactured to meet ADA requirements. Most importantly all are made from solid metal. Therefore In order to provide a superior product. Furthermore will not chip or crack.

Either choose from base metal. Or painted colors. Or up to 1200 dpi photographic images. Certainly for the surface of your plaque. Because all-metal, one-piece construction. Choose from either bronze, aluminum or brass. To clarify no chipping, cracking or loose beads. Most importantly custom shapes and full color capability. 

Therefore you can add a logo, emblem or a photo. To either your custom sign, bronze sign, metal sign, bronze plaque or metal plaque. Furthermore ada no smoking. 

For example how to comply. That is to say with ADA signage requirements. (Read more. Click back arrow. To return to All Star Bronze)

Wikipedia: Wayfinding (or way-finding). (Read more. Click back arrow. To return to All Star Bronze)

Therefore either ADA Wayfinding or ADA signs. Furthermore wayfinding signage of the highest quality. Most importantly ADA restroom sign. Either braille signs or ADA bathroom signs. Likewise unisex restroom signs.

Similarly ADA restroom signs can be made with braille signs. Likewise either ADA bathroom signs. Or unisex restroom signs.


ADA Signs

Most importantly we will produce your custom metal sign quickly.

Choose from either aluminum, bronze or brass.

Consequently each of our metal plaques. Certainly comes with an lifetime guarantees.

Roxanne Gillard

VP of Sales

With over 10 years in the custom plaque business. Roxanne has helped thousands of customers, create their vision on a forever bronze or aluminum plaque!  


- Roxanne

Full Color Hi-Resolution Printing

Most importantly for use. In either wayfinding signage. Or ada signs. Where Braille or raised copy is not required. Furthermore these panels. In other words have
your 1200 dpi full-color image. Printed on aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel. Therefore simply choose first your material. Secondly thickness. Thirdly shape. Furthermore supply a high-quality image. That is to say warrants these products. Most importantly for interior use. To clarify they will last under most. Moderate weathering conditions.

ADA and wayfinding plaques are guaranteed for life. Furthermore ada men’s restroom signs. Will certainly impress you. 

Standard ADA Signs

Most importantly offers beauty. Furthermore style and compliance. 
Plaques are available in the standard 7″ x 8.5″ x 0.25″.

Meanwhile for indoor applications. Double face tape
can certainly be substituted. As a result at no additional 
charge. Above all California ADA also available.

Email or call for a quote. 

Custom ADA Signs Wayfinding Signage

Because a custom ADA plaque. Certainly should not be placed. In a cookie cutter shape. Most importantly we give you. The option to design. First of all not only the image. And color of your ADA plaque. But similarly also the overall shape. Of the individual plaques. Therefore we welcome your custom designs. For different firstly color. Secondly patterns and thirdly sizes. Most importantly to create interior room identification signs. In other words that are functional and compliant.  

Beveled Edge Plaque Frames 

Meanwhile, enhance any plaque or panel. Consequently with our plaque frames. That is to say these frames. Come in 14 common sizes. To clarify frames are stocked in white. Most importantly are available in any standard baked enamel color. 

As a result suitable for interior or exterior use.

Recommend adhesive or D/F tape to affix plaque or panel to frame

Likewise ada compliant signs.



Cast Aluminum Plaque Blanks


 Aluminum plaques ready for your laser or rotary engraving. Cast by All Star Bronze and ready to ship within days. Available with integral bracket. For rod mount or with through-hole mount. Including screws. They are manufactured in three different sizes. These plaques are low-cost option to satisfy customers that require an all-metal plaque. Flash bronze not available.


Exterior installations: As Sign Blanks are clear coated to protect against corrosion, it is recommended that a light acrylic polyurethane clear coat be sprayed on the plaque face, after engraving.


Engraving Speeds and Laser setting: 
Speed and power recommendations will vary based on the type of rotary engraver or laser unit being used to engrave cast blanks. Our blanks are cast with aluminum alloy 356, powder-coated, no heat treatments, then sealed with clear acrylic polyurethane. 


3/8″ diameter, aluminum rod for mounting flat, cast aluminum, double line border, sand texture background, with through holes or optional aluminum rods. Ships in 3 to 4 work days. 




ADA Signs Wayfinding Signage

USA made ADA signs, wayfinding, wayfinding signage, ADA restroom signs,.braille signs, ADA bathroom signs,
unisex restroom signs Lifetime guarantee. Our wayfinding and Wayfinding signage. 

Above all wayfinding design is our expertese.


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