Illuminated Letters 

Fastest service USA made illuminated letters. Get great deals on light up letters. Lowest prices on letter lights and illuminated letters. Above all illuminated letters and light up letters. Will leave an everlasting presence. illuminated letters for instance. Certainly light up letters. Above all they are energy-efficient. Furthermore maintenance-free. Similarly, light up letters. And letter lights. Moreover illuminated letters. That is to say 24/7 attention from roadways. However, addition either LED letters. And metal letters and numbers. Will certainly command attention. Likewise firstly back-lit house numbers. Secondly illuminated letters. Thirdly light up letters. Fourthly letter lights. Fifthly metal letters and numbers. Sixth light up house numbers. Finally letters letter lights. Moreover, we have great deals. Fox example metal letters and numbers.

Letter Lights

Face-lit illuminated letters. Offer a vibrant color. Visibility either day or night. While halo-lit letters. And or logos. Above all great either indoors or out. Lowest prices on letter lights. Call for quote on letter lights. 

Most importantly UL Certified. Illuminated Letters LED Letters. GemLite letters. Produced with a two-part . Construction – faces and cans. Both components are formed. With UV stable, CAB plastic. And lighted house numbers. Great deals on letter lights. Get a low quote.

Stainless Steel
Meanwhile our durable. Letter lights. And attractive fabricated stainless steel letters. Make a dramatic statement. And provide outstanding. Low-light visibility.  Lighted house numbers for instance. And light up letters. Get a low quote on letter lights.

Furthermore large scale. And durable performance. Combined with sophisticated. Style in our fabricated. Meanwhile aluminum letters.with illumination. That is to say letter lights and LED house numbers.  Great deals on letter lights. Get a low quote.     

Roxanne Gillard

VP of Sales

With over 10 years in the custom plaque business. Roxanne has helped thousands of customers, create their vision on a forever bronze plaque or aluminum plaque!  


- Roxanne

Light Up Letters

Lighting the way

Besides multiple face-lit options. Halo lit letters and logos. First of all we make per your art. UL Certified. 

Furthermore we have expanded our illuminated signage. From face lit letters. To fabricated Stainless Steel. And Aluminum face or halo lit. Highest quality letter lights.

Either halo lit letters for instance. Most importantly halo lit signs. seem like. Illuminated business signs.

Therefore you can now choose. From either multiple lighting options. In both plastic and metal. Competitively priced letter lights.

Illuminated letters custom designed. And illuminated lighted house numbers. Certainly will add beauty. Likewise illuminated house numbers. In addition halo lit sign. Light up letters.

Finally typical 8 day production. On light up letters. And or letter lights.



Letter Lights

Certainly energy-efficient letter lights. For example maintenance-free. LED illuminated letters. And illuminated signage. 

To clarify firstly halo lit letters. Secondly halo lit sign. Thirdly halo lit letters. In addition custom illuminated signs. While illuminated business signs. Will improve the look of your business. Similarly illuminated numbers. Likewise backlit house numbers. Illuminated letters. Get a quote on letter lights. 


Because UL Certified GemLite letters. Certainly are produced. With a two-part. Construction – faces and cans. To clarify both components are formed. With UV stable CAB plastic. That has been. Certified by UL for lit letters. Consequently lit letters. Are produced with. Translucent material. That is custom. As a result designed for LED lighting. But typically backs are formed. In white to better reflect the LED lights. Therefore LEDs are secured. To the backs with. Double faced tape. And special hold down blocks. While average letter depths. Are recommended to be 2″-2-1/2″ deep. With a minimum stroke of around 1-1/2″. Lighted house numbers included. Get a low quote.




2D to 3D

LED Letters

Meanwhile, you can order. LED letters or LED letter lights. And or letter lights. Get a quote.

That is to say LED house numbers. In addition, illuminated letters. 

USA made illuminated letters. Likewise, halo-lit sign. Illuminated letters. Lifetime guarantee.

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Standard GemLite
Face & Return Lit Letters
Firstly due to the six most requested. Secondly GemLite letter styles for instance. Thirdly certainly can be produced. Fourthly most importantly without the need. Of any art files. Furthermore formed molds are in-stock. For example ready to produce letters. In other words. In just a few days. Moreover these common round face styles. As a result are now available. Produced with or without LEDs. Should you need a unique style or size. We can do it. In addition Illuminated letters. Call for quote. On light up letters. And letter lights.

Custom GemLite
Face & Return Lit Letters
Most importantly beyond. Our six letter styles. Light up letters can be customized. For more creative illuminated signage.

Either illuminated letters. And or light up letters. Certainly will add a professional look. That is to say to your illuminated signage. 

LED letters or LED house numbers. Similarly will add beauty to your home. 

Letter lights or lighted house numbers. Likewise halo lit sign. Will illuminate with probably the brightest lights. Moreover back lit house numbers.  Get a quote.


Stainless Steel

Halo Lit

While halo lit. Fabricated letters. Are produced with a removable can. To allow for servicing of LEDs. In addition, optional. Detachable studs create. A 1-1/2″ stand-off. And allow easy removal. Of letters from the wall. Halo lit letters can be fabricated. With or without LEDs. Alloy 304 is the standard. Stainless steel alloy. Offering resistance to corrosion. Alloy 316. And Titanium are also available. Excellent for more harsh. Environments such as coastal areas. Minimum 1″ stroke required for 1″ – 2″ deep letters. Illuminated letters.

Stainless steel ideal for. Fristly illuminated letters. Secondly letter lights. Thirdly light up light. Fourthly lighted house numbers. Fifthly LED letters. Sixth LED house numbers. Seventh backlit house numbers. Eight lighted address sign. Ninth lighted letters. Finally LED lighted letters. Get a low quote. 


Painted Aluminum
Halo Lit

Painted Aluminum
Face Lit

Moreover please call. And or email us. Any request for instance. On either illuminated letters. And or Letters or numbers in stock. Probably light up letters. Similarly And letter lights. Will brighten the world. Illuminated letters.


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