Custom Signs Bronze Plaques

Custom Signs Bronze Plaques

USA made custom signs bronze plaques. Business Signs. Metal Signs. Memorial plaques. Military Plaques. Statues. Sign company near me. Lifetime guarantee.

Custom metal signs. Either brass, bronze or aluminum. Are an ideal choice for signage. Because it will expand your brand. Therefore every noteworthy honor. And most importantly a person deserves to be recognized. Se were here to help! Furthermore we guarantee. For example that your plaque. Comes out just as spectacular.

Because firstly our metal signs. Secondly bronze plaques. Thirdly memorial plaques. Fourthly military plaques. Fifthly metal letters. Consequently are guaranteed for life. Most importantly all our signs are guaranteed. Likewise whether its a military sign. Or military plaque. We are the metal sign company. That is to say we have a large selection. For instance of metal signs. Likewise bronze plaques. To clarify custom signs.  Another choice aluminum plaques. Either military plaques or memorial plaques. Most importantly custom metal signs. Meanwhile house numbers and letters. Because you can add color photo to any custom bronze plaqueSign company near me. We are the sign company near me. It’s all done either on line or phone line. Above all our customer services is what makes us the number one. Sign company near me.

Bas Relief 

Bas Relief certainly is the highest quality plaque. First of all we start with a photograph. (although we can use almost any quality photograph. The better the image. The better the modeling effort.) Most importantly the finished image. Therefore will be an artist’s 3D interpretation of your photograph.

After that an image of the clay model. Most importantly is sent to via email.  So you can comments or approval. Therefore when approved. That is say the clay model is used for. Either the bronze and aluminum casting process. Bronze plaques are best for Bas Relief. That is to say bronze memorial plaques.

Finally the Bas relief is mechanically attached to the plaque background. (standard overall height is 6″ to 12″. With a finished depth of 3/4 inch to 1 inch). 

Most importantly Bas Relief is available for an additional charge. Furthermore it requires a six-week lead time. Consequently please call for a quote!

Roxanne Gillard

VP of Sales

With over 10 years in the custom plaque business. Roxanne has helped thousands of customers, create their vision on a forever bronze or aluminum plaque!  


- Roxanne

(Left) Bronze memorial plaque 12″w x 8″h. 

(Center) Bronze memorial plaque 15″w x 12″h.

The photos are art proofs.

All quotes include proof.

10 day production.

Custom signs priced by size.

Bronze Plaques.




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10 DAY PRODUCTION on all custom metal signs – RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE

 Military Plaques Military Seals & Government Seals

First we offer special pricing on military. On either cast military plaques. Or military seals and government seals. Second while our seals are the most common. Military and government designs. Like firstly Army plaques. Secondly Navy plaques. Thirdly Air Force plaques. Fourthly Marine Corp plaques. Fifthly Coast Guard plaques. Sixth Merchant Marines plaques. In other words seals. Certainly can be manufactured. That is to say at the seal pricing. With an additional pattern charge. Most importantly multi-color seals. Certainly can also be produced with an additional charge. So contact All Star Bronze for more information. About available seal designs and options.

Custom Signs Bronze Plaques:

  • Custom Signs Bronze Plaques.
  • First our superb quality.
  • Second and most importantly competitively priced.
  • Third our bronze plaques and custom signs. Have a Life Time Guarantee.
  • Fourth we are your sign company near you. 
  • Furthermore world’s highest quality letters, logos and plaques.
  • Certainly the fastest delivery.
  • Most importantly any problem. We will make it right with you.



 Metal Signs

So consider the classic look of a custom metal sign. Most importantly whether it’s either bronze or aluminum plaques

Therefore you can add. A logo, emblem and or photo. To your custom military plaque. Or you can add it to your memorial metal sign.

Bronze plaques are our number one selling metal sign. Furthermore memorial bronze plaques.

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Custom metal signs are guaranteed for life. So you can’t lose. Buying a custom metal sign from us.


So either etched laser engraved. Or cast in relief or color printed. Therefore we have a number of options. As a result  producing plaques with precise detail. Because chemical etching. Allows us to transfer the most complex artwork. Most importantly brass, bronze or stainless steel. Besides any image can be laser engraved. On anodized aluminum or polished black granite. Photo Relief process is a seamless blend of casting and photography. Which sculpts a photographic image into the base metal to add texture and contrast. Color printing, a durable inkjet printing method. Adds permanence and durability to any work of art. So our high definition metal signs. Can turn your image into a piece that will be admired for generations


We produce firstly custom signs. Secondly bronze plaques. Of superior quality for the sign, award and recognition industries. Therefore whether you are
looking for a cast or precision tooled. Metal plaque to commemorate a notable individual. Or an etched display panel to mark a historic occasion. Most
importantly creative solution for architectural signage.

Therefore durable time-honored cast and precision tooled plaques. Are available in either bronze, brass, or aluminum. With natural or painted backgrounds. With brushed or polished finishes. Most importantly a wide variety of other special treatments. Bronze Plaques are a classic, timeless option.

When a high-definition plaque is desired. Etching, laser engraving, photo relief and color printing. Allow the artist or designer virtually limitless opportunities for


Most importantly all of our way-finding ADA plaques. Are designed and manufactured to meet ADA requirements. Therefore all are made from solid metal. In order to provide product that will not chip or crack.

Most importantly all of our products use the highest quality materials. And are guaranteed for life. Combined with our competitive pricing and quick turnaround time. It is easy to see why we are the preferred source for either metal plaques or metal signs.


Besides If you want to stand out in your business. Or commemorate achievements. Consult with one of our professionals today at 941-217-6561. Or email us at with questions or concerns. We’ll work closely with you to help create the plaque you envision for any situation.


Because metal casting is a 6,000 year-old process. That has clearly withstood the test of time. First a mold of sand or clay. Is crafted to the desired shape. Before either molten bronze or aluminum is poured and allowed to solidify. Second our earth- friendly process uses only lead-and mercury-free alloys. The results is a durable, one-piece plaque. That can be finished and mounted to fit the desired application. Custom Signs Bronze Plaques.


Statuary is the ultimate way to recognize. And honor or most importantly a legendary individual. Or historic event. Statues can be created in any size. And are made to the most exacting standards. Let us help you create a timeless destination. That will be truly unforgettable for visitors. 


Because our standard production is 10-12 working days. And you need your plaque now. We offer, with a plaque order. That is to say you can purchase a presentation board. Most importantly a presentation board. Is your approved art proof. On a foam laminate board. That will certainly look exactly like your plaque (same size). And is suitable for framing. This will get you through your event. While your plaque is being produced. This board will ship in (2) days. Most importantly you’ll have a keepsake after your plaque arrives.

Perfect Pattern

We improve the installation experience.

Perfect pattern to ensure the installation. Of your flat-cut metal. 

Hassle-free ordering.

Signage looks great.

Perfect Pattern is accurate. Computer-generated pattern
printed. On resilient, weather-resistant material. 

Precise hole locations. Are printed directly on the pattern. 

Metal letters and numbers.

Sign company near me. Is All Star Bronze.  



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Custom Border
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