Letters & Numbers

Choose either letter and numbers. First of all from FABRICATED STAINLESS STEEL or ALUMINUM. In other words with a wide variety of finish options. Firstly from brushed. Secondly polished. Thirdly titanium coating or finally your custom paint color.

CUT METALS make a distinctive statement. Most importantly offering affordable custom signs. And architectural solutions that perform beautifully. First of all within the demands. Because of any environment. Above all our metal letters and numbers 

PLASTIC SIGN MEDIA offers excellent durability. Most importantly weather resistance. Therefore dimensional versatility. Certainly and nearly unlimited scale. To firstly satisfy any design vision. Furthermore its lightweight with durability.

Aluminum Finishes

*Not all finishes available for Cast Metal letters and numbers

Bronze/Brass/Copper Finishes

*Brass and copper finish not available for Cast Metal letters and numbers

Standard Paint Finishes

Roxanne Gillard

VP of Sales

With over 10 years in the custom plaque business. Roxanne has helped thousands of customers, create their vision on a forever bronze plaque or aluminum plaque!  


- Roxanne

The All Star Bronze Difference:

– More Than 60 Standard Letter Styles & Symbols –
– Economical Custom Cast With More Depth –
– Flat, Round or Prismatic Profile Options –
– Variety of Finish Options: Painted, Brushed, Anodized, Oxidized, and Patina –
– Lifetime Guarantee –

Cast Metal

Either firstly cast bronze letters and numbers. Or secondly aluminum letters and numbers. Certainly are often preferred for their classic old world look. Firstly deep dimension. And secondly durability. Most importantly cast metal letters. Consequently are preferred by architects. As a result designers specifying signage. For firstly banks. Secondly government institutions. Thirdly schools, and universities.

Furthermore we can produce. Either your custom font or logo. Economically in cast bronze or aluminum. With either a variety of finish options. Including firstly polished. Secondly oxidized and thirdly anodized. Most importantly all done in-house. Finally produced and shipped. Most importantly as quick as 10 days from art approval.

Flat Cut Metal

Either aluminum, brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel.

Most importantly six thicknesses. And furthermore 50 standard finishes.

Meanwhile metal letters and numbers. Either from 1/2 inch to 60 inches.

Therefore as little as seven-day production time.

Finally we produce the finest. For example flat cut metal letters and numbers.


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Custom Size & Shape
Standard Border & Brushed Finish
One Standard Background Color
One Artwork Proof
Standard Hardware and Rosettes
Appropriate Packaging
10-day Production Time
(after art approval)

(Additional Charges)
Custom Border
Each Additional Color
Each Custom Color
Polished Face
Polished Bevel Edge
Oxidized Finish
Patina Finish
Double-sided Plaques
(Additional Charges)
Full-size Plot Drawing
Patterns for Mounting
Borders & Finishes
Post & Stake Mounts
Image Options & Inserts