Aluminum Plaques Custom Signs

Aluminum Plaques Custom Signs

Firstly USA made aluminum plaques custom signs. Secondly metal custom signs. Thirdly cast aluminum plaques. Fourthly metal signs. Fifthly business signs. Sixth memorial plaques. Finally military plaques. We are your sign company. It’s all done on-line. Most importantly sign company near me. All Star Bronze.

Aluminum plaques are an ideal choice. Either custom aluminum plaques or metal signs.  Are ideal for any business. Therefore importantly if your business is looking to expand its brand for a small cost. Custom Aluminum metal signs is the answer. Likewise aluminum letters and aluminum numbers. Because aluminum is lightweight. Therefore aluminum can still withstand the elements. In other words aluminum retain its look even in harsh weather conditions. So this makes aluminum a great choice. For businesses that don’t want to drop a lot of money on signage. But still want to have a sleek, professional plaque or logo that’s built to last. Custom aluminum plaques is the answer. Besides you can add color to any aluminum sign. Colored aluminum plaques. Certainly aluminum memorial
plaques are a great choice. Most importantly military plaques.

Because the story of aluminum’s history of use in the U.S. now stretches over 100 years. (Read more. Click back arrow. To return to All Star Bronze)

Either aluminum plaques or colored aluminum plaques. Likewise our aluminum letters and numbers. We certainly have the lowest prices. 

Most importantly we are the sign company near me. Why because its all done over the internet. Furthermore custom signs shipped to you.

Besides you can add a logo, emblem and or photo. To either your custom aluminum plaque or metal sign.

Most importantly our custom aluminum signs are guaranteed for life.

Custom Signs

Most importantly flash bronze is guaranteed for interior applications. Because this bronze treatment dyes the surface of the aluminum sign underneath a protective clear coat. Similarly business signs. 

Besides we will produce your metal sign in 10 to 12 business days. (after art approval) Therefore your plaque will have superb quality and competitively priced. 

House Numbers

Furthermore aluminum is perfect for your house number plaques. Because it’s a very cost-efficient using colored aluminum plaques. Therefore your custom metal sign will add beauty to your home. Besides you can select any color from our selection or we can match any PMS color for an additional charge. 

Most importantly it’s ideal for either professional offices or universities. While its also ideal for government buildings, address plaques or memorials. So these plaques are available in 11 different finishes. Like polished, painted or oxidized.

While our cast plaques are available in various depths. Aluminum Plaques.


Roxanne Gillard

VP of Sales

With over 10 years in the custom plaque business. Roxanne has helped thousands of customers, create their vision on a forever bronze plaque or aluminum plaque!  


- Roxanne

Modern Messages

Most importantly when someone thinks of a newly built business or office building. Because people’s minds go straight to images. That are sleek, metallic surfaces both inside and out. Therefore this trend has made aluminum the ideal choice for companies. Therefore most companies that like to embrace this clean and modern aesthetic.

Besides aluminum serves as the base for any engraved nameplate. Because of its neutral chrome. Therefore allowing it to be colored and customized any way you desire. While this is especially useful for companies. That want to incorporate their colors and logo into their office sign. So stand out in your field and embrace this new look with an aluminum plaque.

Custom Designs

Most importantly precision etching is made easy. When you order from us. Because aluminum has such a flexible surface. Almost any name, picture, or logo can be engraved on your colored aluminum plaques.

Therefore our friendly customer service staff can help evaluate your needs. Most importantly we walk you through the details of your order. While we have 16 different finishes to choose from. Like polished, painted, and oxidized coatings. So we build our plaques to last. Don’t forget about our colored aluminum plaques. Most importantly we pride ourselves on the precision and detail of our etchings.

Aluminum fireman plaque. Zephyrills fire and rescue plaque. Fire station plaque.


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